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Homeless bloke turned Lamborghini-driving millionaire fumes 'poverty is a choice'


Self-made millionaire Dimitris Vakalis, who went from sleeping on the streets to earning more than £200k a month, has declared "poverty is a choice" and says people struggling with money should ditch their "broke beliefs"

A self-made millionaire who went from being homeless to earning $300k (£242k) a month has declared "poverty is a choice".

When Dimitris Vakalis, 24, was kicked out of college he ended up living without electricity and water before failing in his first business venture.

But he claims he was always "destined to be rich" and believes those who struggle with money need to ditch their "broke boy beliefs"....

Ex-homeless millionaire, 24, earning £240,000 a month claims 'poverty is a choice'


A self-made millionaire who overcame homelessness to earn £240,000-a-

month has insisted that “poverty is a choice”. Dimitris Vakalis endured homelessness, being kicked out of college and saw his first business end in abject failure all by the age of 22. But the 24-year-old said he was “destined to be rich” and struck gold by working with adult content creators through

his social media marketing agency Upped.

The Greek national - who now splits his time between the USA, Marbella and Dubai - blasted today’s “something for nothing” culture with people expecting to be rich without working.

“It doesn’t matter from where you start but where you are ending up to be,” he said....

Dimitris Vakalis: What It Really Means to Be Self-Made

Dimitrios Vakalis (24) is a self-made entrepreneur who created his multimillion-dollar brand within a year. His inducing story inspires now young individuals worldwide to believe in their dreams. Vakalis demonstrates how self-belief and the right mindset is the biggest asset in order to reach personal goals.

Despite growing up in a small town in Greece named Larisa, Vakalis always strived to live a meaningful and purposeful life filled with big achievements. Even though other people doubted and referred to him as "delusional", he never stopped following his dreams. Even as a young boy when all the other kids were playing outside Vakalis found a way to monetize his skills, for instance, by selling personal drawings after school. After working several jobs and trying to find the right career path amongst others working as DJ and light controller Vakalis decided to drop out of university in May 2017....

Dimitrios Vakalis Of Upped: Catering To The 0.01% Of Content Creators


With the significant rise of social media, there are more and more ways to make money online. More in detail, 4.48 billion individuals worldwide use social media on a daily basis. Dimitrios Vakalis saw this opportunity and with his extensive knowledge of social media marketing, he founded Upped in 2021. "I started the project Upped from my friend's apartment. I used to sleep on his couch for months. After my first client, I started making some decent money and decided to move to Dubai."

Upped is focusing on aiding creators in the adult industry to reach their full potential by managing their social media, developing strategies to increase followers, and reviewing analytics, in order to help the growth of their social media accounts. This includes daily support aiming to reach the next goals, active chatting as well as daily postings on Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter, and especially strategies on TikTok.

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